George Bear on his global journey to me….

My Great Uncle John left The George Hotel in Christchurch with George Bear on the 25th June, 2012. By the way he said it was a lovely establishment and recommends anyone to stay there.
He took George home to Sydney and gave him to Great Aunty Janet (A.J.) who thought he was real cute and placed him in the corner of the sofa so he could see all that was happening around the house.
Silly lady – A.J. has a real cute dog a Cavoodle called Coco. Unfortunately Coco did not like George being the centre of attention and took him in her mouth and dragged poor George all around the house.
Thank goodness A.J. saved him and placed him on the T.V. cabinet out of harms way.
George was quite happy on the cabinet but Aunty Janet thought he would enjoy life back in N.Z. with me. A.J. was coming back to N.Z. to take Great Grandma (GG) on a Thelma & Louise trip from Wellington to
Auckland. She arrived with George into Wellington on the 16th September where GG kindly looked after him. He had 2 nights in Wellington then they travelled to Dannevirke, Taupo, Hawkes Bay and arrived in Auckland
on the 24th September where A.J. kindly gave him to me to take on my travels.

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