George Bear’s Travels

After a most enjoyable stay at the George in Christchurch, my adopted parents took me on a flight to Queenstown. Boy was it fun, went on the old steamship on Lake Wakitipu and then looked but didn’t jump at the original (Kawarau) bungy bridge and also Arrowtown.
We had to pack for our trip Melbourne were we saw all of the arcades and lanes and sights in Melbourne. Then after 4 days we flew to Hobart, Tazmania. Saw the Bruny Islands and the Bonorong Wildlife Refuge and MONA before heading to Sydney to stay with some special friends. After a week of R & R we went to Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rain Forest before heading to
Auckland and Los Angeles. Spent several days in Southern California before finally reaching my new home in Chicago Illinois. I really like my
new home, I’ve already made new friends. But, I did really love my life making everyone at the George in Christchurch happy.

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