George’s journey with the Wilkinsons

Well George has had an exciting journey with us. When we left the hotel in Christchurch we went through Arthur’s pass onto Greymouth,then saw the glaciers at Franz Josef and trekked in the hot heat to see it, saw fox glacier, amazing views. We travelled to Cromwell and stayed on the lakes, then over to Queenstown we went aboard a steamboat around the lake, cable car to a lovely scenic view, loved the atmosphere here. Went to Te anu and did a long trek to the keiper gate , boiling hot day but fun. Went on a night cruise on Milford sound , kayak was a good way of cooling down, saw seals especially at night as a port hole was sea level , unforgettable memory of them swimming through the water eating the jumping fish. Down to inverscargil , rained that day , but went to bluff , wanted to see Stewart Island but pouring with rain, cleared later that day Stirling point was a must. Then travelled up to Dunedin then up akorua , very French, then further up to see the whales, saw 4 sperm whales , fabulous. Off up to picton and travelled over on ferry to Wellington, up to paraparamu, then Taupo saw the geysers, mud pools mauri concert, falls, then up to Hamilton , saw hobbit land , then to piahia where we travelled upto most southerly point and walked along the beach at Cape Maria domain , we climbed over rocks to do this and the only ones on the beach. Saw 90 mile beach and drove back to piahia . Now on way to Auckland for our final day clocking over 4800 km . I will be well looked after as my permanent residence will be in Warwickshire , England .

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