Life in the UK

George has now been living in Norfolk for 1 year. During that time he has learnt to be friends with a Tom cat and is currently trying to get to grips with extremely cold weather. He has been for a walk in the snow, but didn ‘t think much of it; he’d much rather be warm and cosy. George often thinks of his old friends in N.Z. and wonders how they are all getting on, and especially would like to know how all the building work is progressing in Christchurch. He thinks that one day he might re-visit them, but is not counting on this, as his new-found owners keep muttering about how far away it is. In the meantime he wishes everyone the best of luck and says, don’t forget him.

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  1. Wally Reyn says:

    Hi, thank you for your blog if you would like to see more of George Bear, find him on Facebook.

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