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george collected after wedding 29/12/12

nearly a year in my fab new home .jersey channel islands.i am now known as George Elliott.before arriving here I travelled here I visited all south island before going onto perth Australia then Singapore where I saw cliff Richards at … Continue reading

George gets a kiss from two girls in Auckland


George went to check out Depot in Auckland, a trendy new restaurant in the city. He was very happy to get a kiss from two of my friends.

Well Loved Bear

George has found a new home and is very happy. Soon he will be going to golden bay!

Depot in Auckland


George bear has come to Auckland on holiday with us. We had a great dinner at Depot, on Federal St. George bear enjoyed himself, particularly because the guests made such a fuss over him

George an early riser!


george enjoying the view from mt Hakepa, Pitt Island, first place in the world to see the sun

george [elliott] jersey channel islands

George has had a fab xmas with us.very wet and windy but great fun.

Franz Josef


Stayed warm with a cocktail. No glacier pools for George today.

Lucys best friend


We had a wonderful time in your hotel. Tanks for giving us George bear on our trip with the motorhome. We had a lovely time in New Zealand. Now we are back in germany, near Stuttgart. Lucy our cat missend … Continue reading

George reached the opposite corner of the World!


Indeed, he has been in Valencia, Spain, since October and enjoyed these Christmas in family with friends!

george elliott jersey channel ialand

hello , I have just had my first birthday with my new family who acquired me on 29/12/12 from the George hotel NZ. I have travelled to Australia Singapore England , then on to jersey to my new home. I … Continue reading