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George bear says he wants to go back to Christchurch. It is too cold and snowy here inTumbling Shoals, Arkansas

George bear in Palmerton North

George bear is having fun with me and my friend Nikitah in Palmerston North.

Geoge in loving hands

George loves it here in his new home, and can’t wait to go on his trip to singapore.

George at Te Anau


George having a well deserved drink!

Wine tasting in Waipara

George enjoyed wine tasting with his new Canadian friends in the Waipara area and then a sumptuous lunch at the Pegasus Bay Winery. Took some great pictures, but can’t figure out how to get them from my camara onto a … Continue reading

Not quite the same a Salmon fishing with my American Cousins !

But better! Didn’t have to get on an aeroplane, travel for hours or stay in expensive hotels. Just back after five days fishing on the TT river south of Taupo. Sprint hours wading up stream with trout all around my … Continue reading

George visits the Australian outback!


George recently came on a road trip with me to Broken Hill, and I showed him some sites… Here he is living life on the “edge” by hanging out on the train line near Menindee!

Menindee Lake


Admiring the view and meeting loads of pelicans at Menindee Lake

George at Kinchega National Park – outside the Woolshed


Kinchega National Park is in western New South Wales, and was a working sheep station until the early-mid 1900s. It is now a national park to enable visitors, including George, to see the property and buildings.

A close shave! Kinchega National Park


Kinchega National Park is in western New South Wales and was once a working shearing station until the early-mid 1900s. It’s now a national park welcoming visitors to experience the property, including the Woolshed, where the sheep were shorn. It … Continue reading