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selection of house breads, savoury scone, crisps with butter, pumpkin chilli mayo, mushroom whip (gluten free bread items available on request)


Seasonal Soup Bowl
made with market produce served with bread 16.0

Sumac Spiced Cured Ora King Salmon
apricot cous cous, sweet paprika pearls, chermoula,
flax seed crisps  df 19.5

House Made Corned Beef Terrine with Beef Tartare
sweet cucumber & onion pickle, red pepper emulsion,
6 seed toast  df lf 19.5

Seared Scallops
baby carrots, parsnip crème, hazelnut & parsnip crumble,horseradish parsley puree  g n 22.0


50 Caesar
soft poached egg, bacon parsley crumbs, cos hearts, parmesan crisp, prociutto 19.5
with smoked free range chicken – extra 5.0

Honey Roasted Pumpkin Salad
honey roasted pumpkin, soft feta, toasted macadamia, crispy chickpeas, roquette, golden raisin puree  n lf 19.5


Chicken Schnitzel
free range chicken schnitzel, potato salad, fried organic
pullet egg  lf 22.0

Smoked Fish Pie
smoked fish, cherry tomatoes, prawn tarragon bisque sauce
lf 19.5

50 Bistro Beef Burger
premium angus beef, roquette, spiced onion rings, roast tomato pickle, smoked mushroom ketchup, chip potatoes  lf 24.0

Wild Pork Ragú Pappardelle
mushroom seasoned fried onion, parsley, aged cheddar  lf 20.0

Pan-fried Market Fresh Fish
fried squid & chorizo crumble, crispy spiced chickpeas, saffron aioli, micro herb salad  g  lf 24.0


Roast Parsnip & Pine Nut Risotto
black garlic puree, truffle whip, parsnip chips, basil  lf 19.5

Portobello & Porcini Croquette
beetroot puree, gorgonzola, broccoli, dried mushroom, fried sage & parsley  lf 19.5

Honey Roasted Pumpkin Salad
honey roasted pumpkin, soft feta, toasted macadamia, crispy chickpeas, roquette, golden raisin puree  n lf 19.5


seasonal market fresh vegetable 8.0
chip potatoes with smoked garlic salt 8.0
mac & cheese croquettes with mushroom truffle salt  g 8.0
mixed salad leaves + lemon mint dressing  g 8.0
50 slaw + blue cheese rémoulade 8.0



A premium selection of New Zealand’s finest meats & seafood

prime beef cooking instructions:
rare – seared outside, red through, cool centre
medium rare – cooked outer layer, warm through, moist red center
medium – cooked through, centre still pink and juicy
well done– charred surface, cooked evenly through, little juice

Angus Grass Fed Beef Fillet – (aged 30 days) 200g
served with beef jus + béarnaise  g  lf

Angus Grain Finished Beef Ribeye – (aged 30 days) 300g
served with beef jus + béarnaise  g  lf

Canterbury Lamb Rib Cutlets – (grilled medium)
served with lamb rosemary jus + mint gelée  g  lf

Akaroa Salmon Fillet – (grilled medium)
served with lemon & ginger pickled cucumber  g  lf

Grilled Tiger Prawns (1doz)
served with or without garlic sauce  g

The grill selections are served with chip potatoes & your choice of one side dish


Fried Apple Croissant Pudding
salted caramel condensed milk custard, rhubarb & apple sorbet 16.0

Ginger Beer Panna Cotta
pear cider compote, feijoa gel, lemonade meringue  g 16.0

Marou Single Origin 72% Chocolate Rice Pudding
peanut & banana brittle, mango chili sorbet  n 16.0

Sorbet, Ice Cream, Gelato, Fruit
crafted selection of sorbet, ice cream, gelato, wafers, gels, seasonal fruit textures 16.0

50 Sweet Set
a selection of 4 petits fours sweet treats 9.0


carefully selected new zealand cheeses served at their very best with appropriately considered accompaniment – today’s selection will be explained by your service staff
gluten free textures can be provided on request

single serve cheese (50gm) 16.0
selection of two cheeses (100gm) 23.0

View our 2 course “Nifty 50″ lunch menu

n – contains nuts
df – dairy free
lf – local food (provincially sourced)
g – gluten free

for any other dietary restrictions please inform our friendly service team
as good food takes time please inform your friendly service staff of your time restraints