selection of house breads & crisps
with butter & seasonal dips 9.0

(gluten free bread items available on request)


50 bistro “cup of soup”
freshly made hearty soup  16.0
please ask your server for today’s selection

seared scallops
grilled corn, black garlic & popcorn espuma, popcorn sprouts   g 22.0

duck liver parfait
textures of pear & warm toasted brioche  lf  19.5

curry crusted tuna salad
green beans, 63°c egg, heirloom tomato, spring onion & anchovy stuffed olives  g df  19.5


the 50 salad
soft poached egg, bacon parsley crumbs, iceberg, parmesan, prosciutto
& classic caesar dressing  19.5
with smoked free range chicken – extra  5.0

warm salad
socca bread & warm salad of cauliflower, white beans, barley & herb dijon mayonnaise  lf df v  19.5


chicken parmigiana a la moda
panko crumbed free range chicken, nelson made scamorza, house-made cherry tomato confiture, served with winter salad  lf  23.0

50 bistro beef burger
premium angus beef, manuka smoked dry cured bacon, cheddar cheese, free range egg, chip potatoes  lf  24.0

north canterbury lamb 
roast rump, swiss chard & smoked eggplant puree  lf  32.0

creamy risotto
with brie cheese & needle mushrooms g lf v  23.0

southern seas caught fish of the day
fennel & chorizo, white miso beurre blanc  lf g 28.0

home-made pasta
please ask your server for today’s creation  19.0


wakanui beef fillet
(grain finished beef aged 21+ days) 200g  g lf  38.0
served with béarnaise & chip potatoes seasoned with spiced south island sea salt

mid canterbury angus beef sirloin
exclusive to the george, available as export only
(150-day grain finished & aged 21+ days) 300g  g lf  38.0
served with béarnaise & chip potatoes seasoned with spiced south island sea salt

please inform us of your time restraints as the larger beef cuts will take time to cook above “medium to well done”


seasonal market fresh vegetable  g v
mixed salad leaves + white miso & sesame dressing  g v
truffled potato puree, chives & crisps  g v
templeton shiitakes, asian greens, wok fry sauce, crispy shallots  df
potato spätzle sautéed in butter with herbs  g v
green asparagus with hollandaise g v
hand-cut chip potatoes with spiced south island sea salt  g v df


vanilla cream brûlé
citrus fruit salsa and blood orange coulis  g v  n  16.0

kahlúa iced soufflé
with coconut & macaron g  16.0

amaretto panna cotta
stewed rambutan glaze & almond stock  n  16.0

50 sweet set
a selection of sweet treats for 2 to share  12.0
your friendly service staff will inform you of today’s selection


carefully selected new zealand cheeses served at their very best with appropriately considered accompaniment – today’s selection will be explained by your service staff
gluten free textures can be provided on request

single serve cheese (50gm)  14.0
selection of two cheeses (100gm)  21.0
selection of three cheeses (100gm)  28.0


espresso coffees – short black & long black 4.5

espresso coffees – flat white, latte, cappuccino, mochaccino, macchiato, chai lattee, hot chocolate 5.0

teas 4.5

infusions 4.5

liqueur coffees 13.5

View our 2 course “Nifty 50” lunch menu

n – contains nuts
df – dairy free
lf – local food (provincially sourced)
g – gluten free

for any other dietary restrictions please inform our friendly service team
as good food takes time please inform your friendly service staff of your time restraints