Intimate Weddings: The Joy of Small and Meaningful Celebrations

Take away some of the stress on your special day and host an intimate wedding: Let your love and commitment be the focus. As a luxury hotel with multitudes of wedding expertise, we offer our best advice on designing the perfect intimate day.

Intimate Weddings: The Joy of Small and Meaningful Celebrations



When it comes to planning a wedding, the options can seem endless. From guest lists to menus, there are so many decisions to make. One trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the intimate wedding. Instead of a large, traditional wedding with hundreds of guests, an intimate wedding is a smaller, more personal celebration with only close family and friends.



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There are many benefits to having an intimate wedding. For one, it allows you to focus on what really matters: the love and commitment between you and your partner. With a smaller guest list, you can spend more time with each of your loved ones and create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. When planning an intimate wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be clear and upfront with your guests about your plans. Let them know that this will be a smaller celebration and that you value their presence and support. 

Wedding ceremony outside The Residence at The George



Bride surrounded by her bridesmaids in garden at The George

The George is an ideal location for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. The hotel's elegant atmosphere, impeccable service, and exclusive gardens create a truly memorable experience for the happy couple and their guests.



Offering several options for wedding ceremonies, including a picturesque outdoor garden and a selection of beautifully appointed indoor spaces. The Residence at The George is a hidden gem in the heart of Christchurch. Both options provide an intimate setting for you to exchange vows and begin your new journey together. The garden is secluded and boasts established trees offering a leafy umbrella to your summer wedding celebrations. The indoor venues are elegantly designed with modern accents, making them the perfect choice for a wedding at any time of year.

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An intimate wedding allows you to be more creative and personalized with your choices. You can also invest more in the details, such as custom decor and thoughtful favours, that will make the day truly memorable for everyone involved.



One of the biggest benefits of an intimate wedding is the cost savings. With fewer guests, you can allocate your budget to other areas that are important to you, such as a gourmet meal or a special honeymoon.

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Main meal at 50 Bistro at The George

After the ceremony, the hotel offers an exceptional selection of dining options for the reception. The hotel's talented chefs can create custom menus that cater to any palate, featuring locally sourced ingredients and world-class culinary techniques. Guests can enjoy a delectable meal and raise a toast to the newlyweds in the hotel's intimate dining room of The Residence or for larger receptions in Parkview or Pescatore with Hagley Park offering the perfect backdrop. 



The Residence at The George also offers luxurious accommodations for the happy couple while guests can be accommodated in the main hotel. The hotel's spacious suites are designed with contemporary flair and provide the perfect retreat after a long day of celebration. Our attentive staff will ensure that every detail is taken care of, so the happy couple and their guests can relax and enjoy their stay.

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Finally, don't be afraid to make your intimate wedding your own. Incorporate personal touches, such as handwritten vows or family heirlooms, to make the day truly special and meaningful. With an intimate wedding, the focus is on you and your partner, and the love and commitment you share.



Hosting an intimate wedding ceremony and reception at The George is a truly unique and memorable experience. The hotel's luxurious accommodations, exceptional dining options, and stunning location create the perfect backdrop for a special day that you and your guests will never forget.

What our patrons say

We stayed at The George 6 years ago on our first honeymoon and returned here to start and end our month long second honeymoon around the South Island. As usual, the facility was excellent, and the service outstanding. Make sure you try the smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet, and if you need anything rely on Alex and Mark to assist you. Hands down the best hotel on the South Island.

Service is excellent with well-appointed rooms and perfect location. We even got a free teddy bear to take away which was an unexpected bonus! Its the small things right. Great coffee and rooms were recently renovated, bed was first class.

We stayed for a gourmet package overnight. Food was amazing, flavourful, beautifully presented and the service was amazing. It was a wonderful night and we will be back.

From the moment you walk through the front doorway of The George hotel, it feels like coming home. Familiar faces with smiles and enthusiastic welcomes and a feeling that, although you want to rush up to your beautiful room, the idea of staying in the bar lounge area for a beverage and a snack is so inviting also. This is a little haven of peace and luxury only such a short distance from the city energy that Christchurch has in spades. I am torn - I want to tell everyone how amazing The George hotel is - but a part of me wants to keep it to myself! Either way, when I am fortunate enough to visit again, it will feel cozy and luxurious because that's what they do so well. See you again soon!