Re-awaken your senses…

Finally, the daring and exciting vision for Pescatore has come to fruition. Following its initial conception 18 months ago, 12 months of planning and 3 months in construction; Pescatore was re-launched on the 27th November 2008.

Pescatore offers an exciting new dining concept, enhanced by its stunning new interior, which is sure to turn heads and rejuvenate guests’ longstanding love affair with this iconic New Zealand restaurant. The space is luxurious and modern, offering a minimalist approach to formal dining that is thoughtfully comfortable and uncluttered.

The experience begins in the lobby where you are greeted by the lobby host who delivers you through the padded entrance door into the uber-cool, all white ante-room where you are transported into a different world. Light from the combination of chandeliers reflects off silk drops and multi-faceted mirrored walls. Black carpet and table bases give an illusion of levitating white table tops which are liberated from the usual maze of crockery, cutlery and glassware creating a blank canvas for the culinary artwork that follows. This allows the entire experience to build and develop around the dinner. A Graham Bennett sculpture provides an intriguing feature, while the huge oval table with its oversized chairs begs a revisit to enjoy a hedonistic journey with a group of special friends.

Executive Chef Andrew Brown and his team have created a unique, fresh conceptual approach to the cuisine, which at its core has a passionate respect for ingredients. From the origins of classical cooking to the latest food techniques, the menu has been designed to engage the senses and build an emotionally rich experience while triggering long held food memories from the past. Dishes such as Tuna Nicoise with liquid olives, ortiz mayonnaise, green bean puree, and Venison Carpaccio with mustard, rhubarb, truffle toast, olive oil ice-cream, will tantalize both the brain and the palate.

Seasonal menus are matched with top vintages from Pescatore’s comprehensive wine list, honoured by Wine Spectator magazine as being one of the most outstanding restaurant lists in the world.

Pescatore offers a number of different menu selections, choose the one that suits your occasion and join us for an unforgettable dining experience. For the very best in intimate dining, Pescatore’s stunning private room is an ideal choice for an exceptional, exclusive dining experience.

Some things, such as its long-standing reputation and panoramic views over Hagley Park, will never change as Pescatore continues to earn its position as one of New Zealand’s foremost dining experiences.