The George Accredited with Qualmark Enviro-Gold

The George is proud to announce that it has been awarded Qualmark’s highest rating, Qualmark Enviro-Gold, for its commitment to responsible tourism. The enviro rating system initiated by Qualmark in 2008 offers 3 levels of accreditation, enviro-bronze, enviro-silver, and enviro-gold. This system was set up to encourage and acknowledge those in the tourism industry that are committed to working towards more sustainable practices as well as supporting New Zealand’s 100% Pure positioning.

The accreditation also seeks to provide information to travellers so they can make informed choices when selecting accommodation and activities in New Zealand.
As part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) The George engaged in the SLH ‘Caring Luxury’ initiative and was already focused on its environmental impact but welcomed the New Zealand wide Qualmark accreditation system applied to the entire New Zealand tourism industry.

The George’s rating shows that by introducing smart initiatives, utilising careful planning and adopting better technologies, as well as setting up a tight series of checks and balances it is possible for NZ Luxury operators to meet Qualmark’s strict criteria.

The road to Qualmark enviro-accreditation is by no means easy. Organisations need to supply a substantial list of measurable environmental initiatives along with accompanying documentation. Qualmark then conduct a site inspection and invite the organisation to apply for an enviro-rating. Over the period of a month each application is reviewed in depth by Qualmark and further peer reviewed by their international benchmarking consultants GreenTourism Business UK before a final rating is given.

General Manager, Bruce Garrett, is delighted by The George’s Enviro-gold rating. During his time at The George there has been a keen focus on environmental issues guiding numerous improvement projects. He has seen The Georges ongoing refurbishments as an opportunity not only to improve the look and feel of the hotel but to utilise innovative technologies to consistently improve the hotel’s environmental performance.

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