Art For Arts Sake

Due to the recent bumpy events, art gallery space is at an all time low in Christchurch. However, after a very successful Art Opportunity Exhibition at The George in May 2011, The George has collaborated with Arts Canterbury to provide local artists with free exhibition space each month until more commercial gallery space opens up. Featured work of various artists selected by Arts Canterbury will grace The Residence link.

During July we are delighted to display artwork of Joanne Webber and Stephanie Crisp for public viewing.

Stephanie Crisp, artist and art teacher, has painted for as long as she can remember. Her work was included in the “12 Contemporary New Zealand Artists” 1998 calendar and she was the winner of the 2005 Christchurch (Telecom) White Pages Art Award for “Canterbury Plains and Mountains” a work that graced the regions White Pages. More about Stephanie can be found on her website

Joanne Webber has painted & indulged in various forms of art all her life. Joanne’s
recently attained Arts Honours degree has proved immeasurably helpful in providing a clearer focus of what she wants to achieve. Her inspiration for artwork comes from a diversity of places such as advertising, history and public & political affairs. Irony plays an important role in her work. Her artworks are held in collections throughout New Zealand and overseas in diverse places such as Hong Kong, Germany, England. Two works were recently bought by the Benetton (United Colors) family of Italy. More about Joanne can be found on her website
For more information contact Wally Reyn:
03 379 4560