Sustainability & Community Investment

Our commitment to the environment and our community

As part of the local and international community, we understand that our actions impact those around us as well as the larger environment. We are proud to hold an Envirogold rating from Qualmark for our commitment to sustainability that we call Caring Luxury.



The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now, and for future generations.  We encourage all of our guests to follow the principles of the Tiaki Promise and to make a commitment to act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.  The guiding principles of the Tiaki Promise are;

Care for land, sea and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace
Travel safely showing care and consideration for all
Respect culture travelling with an open heart and mind

You will see these principles brought to life through our commitment to support environmental causes, and our caring luxury policy, our company values of integrity and respect, and our involvement with a host of community groups, charities, and other organisations. 

Tread lightly

The George has a variety of initiatives in place to reduce waste and recycle products.  From carbon footprint actions to procurement measures, water conservation and partnership with environmental groups to our employee volunteer scheme.

Care and consideration

The George encourages you to travel safely caring for yourself and others, to be mindful, to take time for yourself.  The George is also actively involved with a number of community, charity groups, cultural and arts organisations that bring enrichment to our community.

Open heart & mind

The George values include integrity, respect, profitability, innovation and excellence.  Integrity in that we do what we say and respect - we treat our guests, suppliers and partners as we wish to be treated ourselves.  


As part of the local and international community The George understands that its actions impact those around us as well as the larger environment. We are proud to hold an envirogold rating from Qualmark for our commitment to Caring Luxury.

Our Caring Luxury program involves initiatives to reduce our impact on the natural environment, helping charitable organisations where possible, and supporting local artists and suppliers.

Some of our actions developed naturally, for example, The George has been involved in helping various charitable organisations for numerous years. Other actions are driven by a desire to protect what we hold dear. For example, our ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the natural environment has triggered management and employees to develop many initiatives to ensure we do our part in helping New Zealand remain the clean and green country we are proud of.

Furthermore, as evident by our New Zealand Art collection The George has for many years been a keen supporter of local artists. What is perhaps less known is that we also strive to source local products and utilise the skills of local craftspeople for our furniture and refurbishments.

Ora King Salmon 

Carbon Footprint

We follow these actions to reduce our carbon footprint:

- Where possible New Zealand goods are procured

- We provide four Tesla Electric Vehicle Super Charging stations, as well as 2 dual Tesla/standard electric vehicle charging stations

- We recommend Corporate Cabs who offset carbon emissions with carbon credits

- Our people mover vehicle is a hybrid and also offers wheelchair access

- We monitor carbon emissions against occupancy and have improved by 5%

- Our executive vehicle is a hybrid

- During refurbishments we are careful to procure environmentally certified products

- Retired our diesel boiler in favour of water heat pumps


Water Conservation

- We have installed dual flush toilets in all our guest rooms

- Water-saving shower heads are installed in all guest rooms

- Guest linen is replaced on guest demand, rather than automatically, cutting down on water waste and detergents in our waterways

- We have trained our team to only run dishwashers when they are full thereby saving water, energy and detergents

- We use water efficient dishwashers that retain washing water

- We regulate garden watering by using sensible planting

- We have substantially reduced the use of the automatic irrigation for the garden favouring manually controlled water soaker hoses

- The automatic irrigation system is turned off for the winter months

- The roof top water cooler was decommissioned eliminating water used for air conditioning

- Motion sensor taps in the public bathrooms


Waste Reduction & Recycling

The reduction in landfill has been achieved by consciously considering ways to limit our waste including:

- Beds are donated to Habitat for Humanity for fundraising or donation

- We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic, unusable polystyrene & garden waste

- Cooking oil and fat is collected and converted to bio-fuel

- Recycling bins are offered in guest rooms for waste separation

- We replaced guest soap with liquid soap to reduce soap waste

- Soap is sent to Beyond Skin Deep to be washed, recycled and distributed to communities in need

- We use sustainable paper for our printed collateral

- Where possible we do not print out emails and we encourage others not to print out our emails

- We reuse printed paper for staff note paper

- We use refillable recyclable containers for guest toiletries to eliminate unnecessary packaging

- The complimentary daily newspaper delivered only on request 

- We send our food scraps to be composted rather than added to landfill

- Staff dry cleaning is sent out in old pillow slips instead of plastic bags and delivered 'naked' i.e. without plastic wrapping 

- We have greatly reduced our paper marketing materials and our information is now electronic e.g. PDF rather than printed

- Our guest welcome messages are on the TV screen not printed

- We reduce waste by not purchasing products with excessive packaging

- We have joined the Target Sustainability Programme run by The Christchurch City Council

- We have changed the guest laundry bags to totally degradable bags so they breakdown

- We recently installed a new operating system and participated in paperless training

- A new Inncom system has eliminated the need for door hangers – saving production energy, materials, transportation and waste

- We reuse polystyrene boxes or send back to suppliers for reuse

- Through these (and more) initiatives we have reduced our waste skips to landfill by 50%


Energy Management

The George is aware of its energy use and has initiated the following steps:

-The use of energy saver bulbs where possible

- Heat pumps were installed in guest rooms as they are more efficient than other air conditioning systems

- The air-conditioning systems in non-public areas are on timers and do not operate when unoccupied

- LED television screens were selected for guests rooms because they are more energy efficient than other screens

- The windows are double glazed to increase energy efficiency

- Electricity is supplied from a carbon-neutral renewable electricity supplier

- If quiet we shut down unused rooms to save energy

- Our fountain is on a timer so it switches off at night

- Bathroom extractors are on timers so they switch off at night

- Lights are dimmed or turned off overnight

- Lights are dimmed in restaurants and public areas in the evening

- For the past 3 years we have taken part in Earth Hour

- We offer incentives to employees that come up with ways to save energy

- Lamps have been converted to energy saving type fittings where possible

- Out-dated air-conditioning has been replaced with more efficient heat-pumps

- Public bathrooms have sensor lighting

- We have joined The Tourism Energy Efficiency Program

- We offer guests the use of complimentary bicycles for local touring and walking maps of attractions in our area

- The old water cooler air-conditioning system has been removed in favour of the more efficient heat pump option

- We have replaced 3 old air conditioning units in the lobby with 3 brand new units that are more efficient

- The new Brantas INNCOM manages the air-conditioning, under floor heating and other devices centrally

- Motion sensor lighting installed in link corridor, conference foyer and public bathrooms

- Ongoing rollout of LED light bulbs


Pollution Initiatives

- Our windows are double glazed to minimise noise pollution

- We hardwired the smoke detectors so they no longer require batteries

- Fixed air conditioning controllers have been installed so we no longer need to replace the 110 batteries, cutting down on battery waste

- The removal of the water cooler air-conditioning system has reduced the use of chemicals and eliminated the risk of legionnaire’s disease

- Our vehicles are regularly serviced to maintain efficient running

- We have purchased 2 hybrid (HEV) and one EV vehicles to reduce fleet carbon emissions

- Vegetable-based inks are used for in house printed material

- Reuseable guest laundry bags 

- We limit the finish time of functions to reduce noise pollution to our neighbours

Our guest amenities possess the following attributes and are delivered in refillable dispensers to reduce plastic going into landfill:

GE Free
100% biodegradable
100% vegetable-based
Not tested on animals
Reusable and recyclable bottles
Water-based inks used on labels


Purchasing & Conservation Initiatives

- We have made a commitment where possible to purchase goods & services locally which reduces carbon emissions and helps the local economy

- We use a local printer who only uses sustainable paper and vegetable ink for our marketing materials

- We buy in bulk to reduce packaging

- Our key cards are made of recyclable plastic

- The majority of the wine we purchase is either local or from New Zealand

- 50% of the projects available for the employee volunteer scheme involve planting trees and shrubs in the Canterbury area

- We train our team to commit to our environmental practices as well as education on how to be more energy conscious in their own homes


Where possible, The George sources local products and enlists the skills of local craftspeople for its furniture and refurbishments, for example:

Warren & Mahoney Architects
Dalman Architects
David Shaw Furniturez
Dilana Rugs (designed by J.S.Parker using local materials)



The George supports numerous local, national and international charities mostly by the donation of goods and services. Below is a list of recent charitable events and organisations The George has contributed to:




The Court Theatre logoNZ Opera LogoFlight Path Conservation program logo



Ronald McDonald House South Island LogoWoolston Brass Band LogoCanterbury Rams Logo

2021 Findex Community Fund Charity Golf Day 

Annual Koru Care Fundraising & Charity Auction



E-Tipu Conference 2021



- Avon River clean up brigade

- Pacific Island Air Fiji Fundraiser

- Pink Ribbon Fundraising

- Cancer Society Ball

- Win a Wish Competition – The Breeze Radio

- Autism Australia Charity Event

- Participate in Dine Aid

- Mark Leslie Benefit Dinner

- Canterbury Down Syndrome Association

- Stop Cancer 2006 Live Auction

- In Support of South Island Bone Marrow Cancer Trust – Rotary Club of Lincoln

- Friends of Christchurch Cathedral

- Bone Marrow Cancer Trust

- In Support of Cure Kids – KPMG

- In Support of The Family Help Trust – Harcourts Real Estate

- In Support of Child Cancer Australia – Red Kite Charity

- In Support of Hospice NZ – ORBIT / House of Travel

- The Canterbury Down Syndrome Association

- In Support of Breast and Prostate Cancer – Rockonz

- Shocking Pink Charitable Trust – The Mad Hatters Ball

- Autism Australia Charity Event

- Fundraising for St John Ambulance

- Bruce Garrett is the immediate past President of Christchurch SKAL

- Host workshops for the CDHB

- Trees for Canterbury - weeding, mulching & potting plants

- Willowbank Wildlife Park - weeding in the native predator-free area

- Ronald McDonald House South Island  - a variety of cleaning and gardening chores

- Schizophrenia Foundation - bagging compost, working in garden growing vegetables for Orana Park animals

- Brain Street Injury Appeal - street collecting

- Salvation Army Community Ministries - re-packing bulk goods for distribution to food bank clients

- IHC - spring cleaning residential facilities

- Delta Community Trust & Vege Co-op - lifting heavy plastic crates and driving vans to deliver food to suburbs


Employee Volunteer Scheme

The George has initiated an employee volunteer scheme so all non-casual employees spend 2 paid working days a year helping nominated charities and organisations by working on their choice of various projects.  

This allows our employees to volunteer for causes that are close to their heart, their specific community and interests.


Art Collection

The hotel is proud to feature the work of the following New Zealand artists

Ralph Hotere
Bill Hammond
John Pule
Stephen Gleeson
Stephen Goodenough

For more information about The George Art Collection Click Here

What our patrons say

It was beautiful and so comfortable to stay in. Very clean and well maintained. The staff were exceptional. Every staff member we came across was so helpful, friendly, and professional. We were so impressed.

Welcoming and helpful staff. Delicious dining at 50 Bistro with great kids menu. Lovely cocktails too for harried parents! Comfortable beds. Love the teddy bears at turn down! Great central location next to Hagley Park, Botanical Gardens and the Museum.

From the moment you walk through the front doorway of The George hotel, it feels like coming home. Familiar faces with smiles and enthusiastic welcomes and a feeling that, although you want to rush up to your beautiful room, the idea of staying in the bar lounge area for a beverage and a snack is so inviting also. This is a little haven of peace and luxury only such a short distance from the city energy that Christchurch has in spades. I am torn - I want to tell everyone how amazing The George hotel is - but a part of me wants to keep it to myself! Either way, when I am fortunate enough to visit again, it will feel cozy and luxurious because that's what they do so well. See you again soon!

As soon as you walk in you feel the weight on your shoulders lift.