Akaroa Salmon part of the sustainable supply chain

We have socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains - Akaroa Salmon is just one of the many examples we have of this in action.

Sustainable Supply chain with Akaroa Salmon

As part of our commitment to use socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains The cuisine team at The George sources salmon from Akaroa Salmon. 

They provide us with locally farmed, freshest salmon farmed using best practice techniques.  

We are proud to showcase their salmon on our menus in 50 Bistro - on our breakfast (eggs benedict, lunch and dinner menus as well as in our business events cuisine offering.


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“ Akaroa Salmon are very pleased to have such a long relationship with The George, a hotel synonymous with quality and famous for their careful attention to detail. These are qualities we hold dear ourselves, as we raise our King Salmon in the beautiful Akaroa Harbour, just over an hours drive from The George.  We couldn’t ask for more where our salmon is showcased at such an amazing venue. 

Thank you from all the team at Akaroa Salmon “


Here are just a few of the reasons we choose to partner with Akaroa Salmon 

  • Innovative fermented algae feed
  • Minimised carbon footprint
  • Local supplier hiring locals and buying local
  • Stock levels on farm 99:1 water to fish
  • consumer recycling programme for polystyrene boxes
  • Akaroa Salmon voluntarily subscribes to the environmental standards of the Best Management Practices guidelines



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Akaroa salmon eggs benedict on the menu at 50 Bistro

Akaroa Salmon Eggs Benedict at 50 Bistro

“Quality – not quantity.We’re not in a rush to grow bigger, or for our fish to grow faster.  We’re not driven by profit or productivity. We keep our stocking densities low so that each pen is 99% water and 1% fish.  We hand feed the fish a unique diet, specifically blended to maximise their health and suit the local environment. We hire local people, support local community groups and buy from local suppliers. Our environmental record is impeccable. This is what we stand for. Raising craft salmon and doing it in a way that New Zealand can be proud of. It’s farming the old fashion way. Because good things take time."

Duncan Bates - Founder of Akaroa Salmon


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Akaroa Salmon use an innovative fermented algae in their feed to replace nearly all the wild fish whilst still maintaining the omega3 levels the salmon need for their health.

In addition the journey from farm to plant is one of the shortest in the world and allows Akaroa Salmon to minimise the carbon footprint in getting it direct to The George (and make it the freshest too ! )




Akaroa Salmon Canterbury fish of the day on the menu at 50 Bistro


What our patrons say

From the moment you walk through the front doorway of The George hotel, it feels like coming home. Familiar faces with smiles and enthusiastic welcomes and a feeling that, although you want to rush up to your beautiful room, the idea of staying in the bar lounge area for a beverage and a snack is so inviting also. This is a little haven of peace and luxury only such a short distance from the city energy that Christchurch has in spades. I am torn - I want to tell everyone how amazing The George hotel is - but a part of me wants to keep it to myself! Either way, when I am fortunate enough to visit again, it will feel cozy and luxurious because that's what they do so well. See you again soon!

I stayed at the George recently and was impressed with the impeccable service given by all staff members. Friendly, polished and professional, they were a credit to the hotel. The evening meal at the Bistro was excellent, and I was surprised to realise that the hotel does a turn down service - complete with chocolate and "George", a little momento teddy bear to take home (which I did,I just couldn't resist!). It's a wonderful hotel, close to the city, yet set in a very green and peaceful part of town. I wouldn't hesitate to stay again, and plan to next time in a personal capacity with my husband. Kohinui 24 March 2022

Welcoming and helpful staff. Delicious dining at 50 Bistro with great kids menu. Lovely cocktails too for harried parents! Comfortable beds. Love the teddy bears at turn down! Great central location next to Hagley Park, Botanical Gardens and the Museum.

It was beautiful and so comfortable to stay in. Very clean and well maintained. The staff were exceptional. Every staff member we came across was so helpful, friendly, and professional. We were so impressed.