We choose socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains including local, regional and national suppliers whose sustainability philosophy is aligned with ours.


Eastern Drycleaners’ believes that our commitment to the health of our environment, staff and our customers is at the core of providing a superior service to our customers.  We have been serving the Christchurch community for over 60 years and have a history of being on the forefront of the technological advances in our industry.  We were the first in Christchurch to:  get rid of PERC as a solvent completely, use modified alcohol and hydrocarbon solvents and introduce Lagoon Wetcleaning.  These are all considered to be the gold standard in our industry. 

Also we designed our own hangers which are very high quality and can be used for decades so it reduces what we put into land fill.  All of our electric vans are 100% electric so zero emissions.   


Eastern Drycleaners was honoured to be one of the three businesses in the entire country to be nominated for Most Sustainable Business in the nation in 2019.  

Here are some of the reasons The George chooses to work with Eastern Drycleaners;

  • 0% emission fleet
  • Hanger reuse program
  • High quality long life reusable hangers
  • 100%  'Perc' free factory
  • 66% reduction in paper used


Read more about their sustainability journey below





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The George chooses to partner with Eastern Drycleaners for our laundry and dry cleaning needs.  They offer us an electronic docket system, reusable linen laundry bags, long life coat hangers and an emission-free fleet.  

Guests using the drycleaning service can rest easy knowing that their clothes are being cleaned without the use of the harsh chemical known as 'Perc'.  Instead Eastern Drycleaners uses Lagoon Wetcleaning technology, which gives a far superior clean, a wonderful smell (not the yucky chemical smell often associated with dry cleaning), and is environmentally responsible.


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Eastern Drycleaners is honoured to be trusted by The George to be their preferred drycleaner and launderer.  The George is known for having the highest of standards for everything they do and we so appreciate that they share our commitment in providing the best service to our customers.  Max Hoffman, Manager

What our patrons say

From the moment I stepped into The George Hotel, to having left, the experience was one of great customer service and outstanding moments that made it memorable. Would stay again!

As soon as you walk in you feel the weight on your shoulders lift.

I love staying at The George, there is an old fashioned and much missed intimate pride to everything the staff do. Your stay feels important to everyone. The rooms are well appointed, the location is excellent and the restaurant serves excellent food. As someone who travels extensively for business there is something entirely comforting knowing I'm heading to stay at The George.

From the moment you walk through the front doorway of The George hotel, it feels like coming home. Familiar faces with smiles and enthusiastic welcomes and a feeling that, although you want to rush up to your beautiful room, the idea of staying in the bar lounge area for a beverage and a snack is so inviting also. This is a little haven of peace and luxury only such a short distance from the city energy that Christchurch has in spades. I am torn - I want to tell everyone how amazing The George hotel is - but a part of me wants to keep it to myself! Either way, when I am fortunate enough to visit again, it will feel cozy and luxurious because that's what they do so well. See you again soon!