Key Cards

Reviewing and changing the product we utilise for our wooden RFID room keys has allowed us to remove 33 cubic metres of plastic from landfill each year, proving that just one small change can have a big consequence.

Renewable Source Room Keys

We chose to change from non-biodegradable plastic room key cards to renewably sourced key cards from Global Card Systems

These cards have the same product life span (over 100,000 uses) as the plastic cards and are made using sustainably sourced wood which is then laser engraved with the Brook Serene Boutique Hotels logo. 

As they reach the end of their life the cards can then be composted.

Renewable sourc ekey cards for The George

The estimated annual volume of plastic we have removed from going to landfill from this one supply chain change is 33m(or 1,167 cubic feet if you use imperial').



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What our patrons say

From the moment I stepped into The George Hotel, to having left, the experience was one of great customer service and outstanding moments that made it memorable. Would stay again!

Welcoming and helpful staff. Delicious dining at 50 Bistro with great kids menu. Lovely cocktails too for harried parents! Comfortable beds. Love the teddy bears at turn down! Great central location next to Hagley Park, Botanical Gardens and the Museum.

As soon as you walk in you feel the weight on your shoulders lift.

I stayed at the George recently and was impressed with the impeccable service given by all staff members. Friendly, polished and professional, they were a credit to the hotel. The evening meal at the Bistro was excellent, and I was surprised to realise that the hotel does a turn down service - complete with chocolate and "George", a little momento teddy bear to take home (which I did,I just couldn't resist!). It's a wonderful hotel, close to the city, yet set in a very green and peaceful part of town. I wouldn't hesitate to stay again, and plan to next time in a personal capacity with my husband. Kohinui 24 March 2022