Whitestone Cheese

As part of our commitment to purchase goods and services locally to help the economy, while also serving New Zealand's favourite cheese.

Here are some of the reasons we choose to work with Whitestone Cheese

  • Whey is collected and returned as stock feed to local farmers.
  • Whitestone's milk is sourced from the healthy grass-fed cows of local North Otago farms. They source local/NZ ingredients wherever possible.
  • The factory's heat treatment and hot water is all heated with liquid purified gas, emitting clean atmospheric water vapour.
  • Electricity is sourced from the local hydroelectric power plants, a 100% renewable energy source.



An image of Whitestone Cheese- Blue Cheese served at The George

What our patrons say

As soon as you walk in you feel the weight on your shoulders lift.

From the moment I stepped into The George Hotel, to having left, the experience was one of great customer service and outstanding moments that made it memorable. Would stay again!

We stayed for a gourmet package overnight. Food was amazing, flavourful, beautifully presented and the service was amazing. It was a wonderful night and we will be back.

Welcoming and helpful staff. Delicious dining at 50 Bistro with great kids menu. Lovely cocktails too for harried parents! Comfortable beds. Love the teddy bears at turn down! Great central location next to Hagley Park, Botanical Gardens and the Museum.